Brushes and machines for wood flooring production

Wooden floors

parquet, hardwood floors, oak, engineered flooring

For solid and engineered wood 

Structuring, sanding, applying and spreading oil or stain. No matter which surface treatment or treatments you need, Cosma can help. We offer a range of modular machines and specialist brushes which can process any product down to the finest detail. All our machines and brushes can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

Structuring or aging wood

Structuring - also referred to as distressing, aging or brushing - is used to add depth and texture to wooden floors and stairs. Cosma designs and builds a range of brushing machines and brushes (in nylon and steel) specifically for this purpose.

Sanding surfaces and grains

Cosma’s specialist sanding machines offer optimal surface preparation. Our precision-made sanding brushes are often combined with structuring and dedusting brushes. We supply all our brushing aggregates with dust covers and we enclose our structuring and sanding machines in cabins to limit ambient dust and increase safety.

Applying oil and stain

The Cosma roller coater system applies oil and stain to wooden floors. We can supply single or double roller systems for conventional and LED oils. Our rubber rollers and gummy rollers are available in various hardnesses (Shore) to suit your application.

Spreading oil and stain with padbrushes

Cosma’s purpose-built machines spread the oil and stain evenly across the surface of the wood. The pad and brush absorb any excess material to ensure that the correct amount is applied. Surface texture, desired colour and (protective) layer thickness play an important role in achieving the required result. For structured wooden floors, Cosma has developed the pad brush which ensures that the oil penetrates deep into the wood.

Cleaning and de-dusting wood surfaces

Our specially designed brush cleaning machines offer the perfect solution for cleaning the pad brushes and cylindrical brushes used for spreading oil or stain. All our cleaning units are equipped with air motors for an explosion-safe execution.

Customized brushing solutions

Cosma’s specialist brush technology creates the surface finish you require. We can supply both standard and tailor-made brushes for all your surface treatment needs – from structuring and sanding to applying and spreading oil or stain. We can also help you to implement quality and process improvements to reduce costs.

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